Grandma vs. Microsoft


Oh Windows–late have I loved thee–very late.

My dear readers will remember my shock of finding myself in the middle of Death Valley with a brand new laptop that came with NO INSTRUCTIONS and we were so remote we had no access to the Internet. Over the course of a month I actually figured out what I needed with Windows 8. I cursed it, I cursed its children, I cursed its creators. But, in the end, I found a game to replace 15 YEARS OF FREECELL SCORES and settled into a very addictive game called Master of Words. I was up to Master class with over 7 million points to my favor and a global ranking of 661. And then, I fell for it. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. Oh my……all that hard-earned knowledge was wiped out. Again, there were no instructions. All I knew was that 9 of my games failed to jump the time/space barrier and were gone. Of course, Master of Words(and my 7 million points) were gone. Alas, so was my cursor and my desktop and those garish boxes that I had finally reduced in size and mastered. The charms were gone.

I kept Windows 10 on my laptop for almost 48 hours–without a cursor or pointer it is very difficult to use one’s device. My guess is that Microsoft has boosted Apple’s stock more than any bailout could hope to do. I set a restore point–probably a useless gesture–and went back to Windows 8.1. I was warned I only had 29 days left to keep my backsies to 8.1 and then my chance to upgrade would be lost forever.

Apparently Microsoft loves that ‘lost forever’ concept because when I returned to 8.1 my 7 million points, game moniker and the game itself were gone–never to return. At least my cursor/pointer was back.

I give up. And now, my Kindle has quit charging. All my free indie books–leaning heavily towards dystopian fiction–has quit charging. I went to Youtube to see how to change the battery and was mentally battered by the most favored video. Even Mr T got lost at the soldering wires after removing 14 very tiny screws.

So where is all this going? No place. I used to love my computer toys. I was first on the block for any new upgrade, version or device. But no longer. I have received warnings to hold no private conversations in front of the smart TV or the new refrigerator. I had to give up my flip phone. I have 3 laptops, 1 netbook, 2 Kindles, 1 desktop and a semi-smart phone. I do not like them Spam I am. I think you are just one big spy-cam.

A more cheerful topic next time: A NEW JEEP RUBICON!!!! Of course it will autotrack us anywhere we go so I’ll skip the camo upgrade. Now give me a desert wash to put it through its paces!



About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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One Response to Grandma vs. Microsoft

  1. Magthorn says:

    I had to laugh, hearing about your woes. Alas, we’ve used Apples and Windows both, as well as android devices (tablets) and Windows..most versions. We tried to update P’s laptop from Win7 to 10…it wouldn’t. I didn’t even try. But here’s a trick you and Mr. T can use that has helped us tremendously over the years…
    Clone your hard drive every now and then, and particularly before you attempt and update. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. We have spare drives we use for this purpose. You attach them to a USB port with a cable to your ‘to become your clone drive.’
    When all is lost after installing something new…Mr. T can just swap your cloned drive with the one misbehaving in your laptop – and you’re exactly where you were before buying candy from the nice man with the new operating system.
    BTW, I destroyed an older Kindle trying to put a new battery in it. Just as well, we like the Paperwhites much better. I got the new battery in the old keyboard Kindle, but it never operated the same and soon gave up the ghost entirely. It’s our opinion new technology is a conspiracy to grab a senior’s interest, then bludgeon us to senselessness with settings and features that we have no frame of reference for.
    You’re not alone.

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