Being Egged On

I hope you watch the video first. I’ve lost count of how many sure fire tricks are guaranteed to make peeling a hard-boiled egg easy. NONE OF THEM WORKS! Mr. T has resorted to buying already-peeled eggs at Costco.

There’s the baking soda, the ice cubes, the little fake egg that sends signals, the running under cold water, the bring-to-boil from cold water and the bring to boil from hot tap water methods. Nope.

There’s boiling eggs after checking dates and spinning them and saying 3 Our Fathers. Nope.

 So—I was excited to experiment with this new strategy. I got 2 fresh eggs, measured out the 2″ of water over the eggs using a ruler and set timers for each step.

Egg #1–I think I took off too much shell at each end. I know my mouth was touching the egg in the shell and that’s gross if anyone else is going to eat the egg. It also left a ring of lipstick on the shell. I blew and I blew and did not blow the house down. NADA.

Egg #2–This time I chipped off a small bit of shell from the top of the boiled egg and a smallish bit of shell from the bottom. And then I commenced to blowin’……. NOTHING.

Well, there was something. Women past a certain age do not have quite the sphincter control they once had and blowing hard into a hard-boiled egg certainly had an unintended consequence. I did, however, feel the egg loosen up inside the shell and it peeled very easily.

I still don’t think it’s sanitary. And it still left a big smudge of lipstick on the outside.

I’ll wait for the next great kitchen tip.

P.S.  The lipstick is NYC 415


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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