Moving On

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.”   —Milton Friedman

One must let go of grudges and get back to truly important tasks such as taking photos of as many different kinds of wildflowers in Death Valley as possible.Image

The flowers over the rest of the Mojave were not very good–sparse and ragged. To our great surprise, the wildflowers in Death Valley turned out to be just short of fantastic. We found the best flowers at Tea Kettle Junction, Emigrant Pass and Wildrose Campground.


Dear Readers, I had every intention of showing you photos with the flowers named correctly. Alas, that ain’t gonna happen! I bought two books. One book is arranged very sensibly. The author asks you one question: WHAT COLOR IS THE FLOWER? Then it is organized yellow to orange, red to purple, blue to lavendar, etc. That book is A Flower-Watcher’s Guide to Wildflowers of the Western Mojave Desert by Milt Stark. Unfortunately, it is rather cursory. The second volume is useful if one has a working knowedge of Latin and an advanced degree in botany. It is called California Desert Flowers by Sia and Emil Morhardt.It has tons of information and photos but nearly impossible to navigate the pages.


The most curious flower was one we found today in the Chicago Valley between Pahrump, NV, and Shoshone, CA. By avoiding the Federal Agents out snuffing cattle of private ranchers and the gathering patriot militias, we found a quiet spot where I found the most unusual cactus almost ready to bloom. I can’t find the name of it so I just call it Sputnik Cactus 8.1. Oh–my bad. Sorry. Sputnik Cactus.


The next several posts will be devoted to the abundant and glorious flowers that were laid before us for our delight. I will also tell you about Klaus and Olga.



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