Stats on 6000 Games of Freecell Down the Black Hole

Image I have to upgrade Windows 8.1 from D+ to C-. I am starting to like using the touch screen. It’s now possible to play its (inferior) version of Freecell with either hand. It’s even kind of cute when the Ebay box greets me by name. Most of the boxes seem geared to enticing one to shop and spend money but I have learned how to shut down the boxes that lead me into temptation or that I simply don’t like, don’t understand and don’t care to understand. Some might call that progress. I Found a box for 8.1–whoever wrote the “explanation” of 8.1 must have been taking a lot of the criticisms of Windows 8 very personally! Notice that ‘Start screen’ always uses a capital S while desktop has been demoted to lower case d. These “explanation” boxes within the 8.1 box take snarky to a new level! Let me quote– MS has bowed to the pressure from desktop users and given us an option to skip the start screen after logging in. (Oh ouch!) Windows 8 retains the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop but there are some new options. You can now shut the system down or log out of your account from here, rather than going through the Settings charm. Capital S Settings and charm? Is that like an icon? Really? CHARM? Who thinks up this stuff? BTW, Apps gets a capital A. In Windows 8.1 you can set your Start screen image to the same image used for the desktop wallpaper if it makes life without the Start menu a little easier for you. This is the champ of snarkiness! Open up the ‘personalise’ link–notice English spelling–aren’t you guys in Redmond??–on your desktop and your current desktop background will be one of the thumbnail backgrounds. Is this next one in English? By default Windows 8.1 will look through files on your PC, in your SkyDrive account and on the web when you type a query into the Search charm, but you can modify this behaviour. Open the Settings charm then choose ‘Change the PC settings>/search and apps>Search’ to disable Bing integration. I used to type ‘A’ and would come up and I’d type in my question. Otherwise, I typed in ‘S’ and got so my IP address wasn’t tracked. What is a SkyDrive account and why is it being searched? Do I have one and not know it? You count the steps. Windows 7 did the same thing minus messin’ with that finicky unlucky charms flop-out. Your screen resolution configuration and other related settings can now be accessed straight from the Start screen without venturing to the desktop or Control Panel. Choose ‘Settings’ from the Charms bar, then ‘Change PC settings’, and then ‘Display’. DISABLE HOT CORNERS In Windows 8 you needed a thrid party tool or a registry hack to disable the ‘hot corners’ around the edges of your screen. In Windows 8.1 you can simply open up the Corners and Edges section of the ‘PC and devices’ settings page and turn off the corner navigation options. M/S needs an Auntie. Remember Steve Case and the good old heady days when AOL first hit the market? He wanted a program that his Auntie could use without too much fuss. I remember when AOL subscribers could send an email to Steve Case with a question–not a query. And you’d get an answer back, too! So–Bill Gates, here’s a suggestion for you. You need to take this geek-speak from your tech writing team and run it by me. I’ll be ‘Auntie’ for you. I promise to give it to you directly–no charm. Just the straight poop from one Medicare Boomer to another–we are the same age, you know. After your Abbey Road crew finishes running things by their Penny Lane mates, send it to me. I’ll fix it right up for you. No need to thank me. I’m happy to help out.


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