Shall We Reconsider……

I have to be fair. It was quite a jolt being in the middle of the Mojave Desert with a new laptop, a new operating system and no software. I was upset. One is reminded of learning to swim by being dropped in the deep end of the pool and given the choice of swimming or sinking.

After two weeks of dealing with Windows 8 I have to upgrade my opinion of it from F to D+. I find it rather easy to be holding a cup of coffee with the right hand and simply reaching to tap the monitor with my left hand to get online, read a book, or check out my photos.

Of course it would be far nicer if one could drink the coffee and PLAY FREECELL by touching the screen but that is too much to hope for. I’ve downloaded so many versions of FC but none comes close to my old familiar timewaster. But, in fairness, I find myself reaching to touch the monitor quite often and it really is very handy. I loathe change and this was dropped on me too quickly—but I see how one could get used to it. There is still the problem of flipping a bug off the screen and unintentionally changing the landscape.

In addition, I’ve gotten rid of the puce color scheme, managed to bypass the (Un)lucky charm pop-out by having the laptop shut down when I close it, and changed the desktop background to one of my own–and better–photos. I still don’t know how to close a window. The twirling circle that let me know the machine was doing something is often not there and the cursor disappears on a regular basis. But–I already know that hitting the Ctrl key shows you where the blinking thing is.

Now that I’ve eaten a small piece of humble pie about Windows 8 would someone please explain what the hell happened to Movie Maker?????


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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2 Responses to Shall We Reconsider……

  1. Arden Ferrin says:

    Movie Maker can be downloaded at …

    It seems a policy of all operating systems these days to require you ‘download apps’ rather than including them with the system. Part of the reason for this is the courts that decided MSFT was being anti-competitive including everything thus cutting out ‘competition.’

    It is possible to install your old version of freecell to the desktop. You’d need to dig through either your old hard drive to transfer it to your new laptop, or remove it from the DVD/CD the old OS came on (rather technically complicated).

  2. mamatoc says:

    Many thanks for the good suggestions which I will try when we get home. Downloading stuff and using the cloud doesn’t work very well when one is in the back country of Death Valley! We didn’t have access to electricity, cell service or internet.

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