How Windows 8 Reflects the Nanny State

Reduce Your Govt Footprint Now it makes sense! Windows 8 is the product of Democrats! Let me state my case.

1.    For no apparent reason, Windows 8 changes something that already worked reasonably well for something no one was asking for. Was there a groundswell of complaints about Windows 7? Even Vista? XP? NO–there was not. Sure, it was fun to poke fun at Vista but that was a cocktail party joke–no one I knew really had any problems with it.

2..   If you like your Windows 7, you can keep it. Well, actually, you can’t. Remember back in the day when Windows would start up but first you would see that tell-tale glimpse of DOS? Microsoft has a long history of pulling the wool over our eyes.

3.    Only Democrats/Microsoft would mandate a change that results in equal misery without an opt-out plan.

4.    After deciding to make a culture-wide change, liberals will then “dress it up” in garish boxes. Remember the old song about Ticky-tacky houses? Ticky-tacky start screen. How ironic that the claustrophobic boxes are geared to entertainment and consumerism. But hey! Let’s make sure that the games people have happily used for 25 years like Minesweeper and Freecell have been wiped off the map. You can’t keep those windows. After all, what difference does it make????

5.    Like most “progressive” social changes Microsoft made sure that in Windows 8 one finds it difficult to go back a window and more difficult to close down–just like government programs! Take away the features that always worked and stayed the same—close box and clicking on start to stop– and Voila! You have the digital equivalent of shutting down the National Park Service when the Democrats have a temper tantrum because it is suggested they follow their own laws about spending. I’m really on to something here.

6.    Now for the increase the pain aspect. Remember all that software you’ve invested in over the years? It’s now OBSOLETE!. Not only that, you can’t even shove those disks into your new computer! You need to either buy a Blue Ray or some such device or sign-up for cloud computing. (If you like it you can keep it) Which brings me to what I think is the main reason they are rattling so many chains.

7. If we are herded into having all our programs on the Cloud, then it will be very easy for the government to–wait for it–TO TAX IT!!!!!! You want that Word doc for the meeting tomorrow morning? TAX! You want to see your vacation photos? TAX!!!!

No need to thank me for this late-to-the-table analysis. You read it here first.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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