Get This Target Off Our Backs

What’s better than one day in Yermo, CA? TWO days in Yermo!
Our second night out Mr. T and I were kicking back on the bed with our laptops when the poodle felt nudged too much and bolted off the pillow. Unfortunately, he bolted right into my puter and broke the monitor–I heard it crack.

The dog lives but he will never know how close it was.

The next day was spent at a Best Buy in Victorville. There I discovered that in the last 3 years since I bought my Vaio the PC world has changed drastically. One can no longer put in a CD to add software and there’s this new hideous OS called ‘Windows 8’ which is diabolical.

I had no choice and we wanted to get on with our trip so we bought this Lenovo machine. Then we had to fork over more cash for a box so we could install disk software on it. There was very little disk software even available–consumers are being pushed to online/cloud computing. I refused. I still keep a bandaid over the webcam.

So, 2 hours later and much poorer, we drove back to Yermo with a computer I couldn’t work, no Photoshop, no Word, no AOL–no nothing but a very nice monitor.

I am supposed to touch the monitor to do things with the ugly boxes on the screen that I don’t want in the first place. Do you know what happens if a gnat lands on one’s monitor and one tries to brush it off??? Wham! Screen changes.

The most baffling part to me is that I can’t figure out how to close a damn window!!! What was wrong with having the little box with the X in it? Hey Bill Gates–that worked really well. I can’t turn off this damned computer or close down a window.

Can someone answer me this question? Why would one want to touch one’s monitor? It’s germy. One’s fingers have to leave the keyboard.

But I have saved the gravest sin for last. The mongrels at Microsoft have removed my games. No Freecell. No Minesweeper. No Spider Solitaire. There is no forgiveness for that. None. We live in grave times, my dear readers.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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4 Responses to Get This Target Off Our Backs

  1. Arden (or Wayne, as I once was) says:

    I recommend that until the update to Win8.1 arrives (due soon) you change one of the tiles on the screen to desktop – then you can mouse click that to get you to the desktop quickly. The touch screen can be disabled if you like.
    Shows you how to install the old favs in 8 and 8.1.
    The soon-to-arrive update brings Windows back closer to Windows7 and makes it so you never have to see the tiles if you choose.
    Best of luck…it isn’t an endearing operating system.

    • mamatoc says:

      You mean there’s hope? If Minesweeper can be returned to it’s place of honor maybe I will eventually figure out how to change the inactive window border out of the puce color it now sports.

      • Arden says:

        Another alternative, if it isn’t too late, is to have Mr. T swap out the hard drive from your old computer to the new one. It requires a bit of a balancing job with drivers and the like but he may want to take on the task. That way, you have your new computer with all your old Windows and Windows software just as you know it.
        It doesn’t sound like your old hard drive was damaged in the…er…accident.

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