There are Other Places which also are the World’s End

w View from Travertine SpringsAnd we’re back in one of those places! Death Valley is like coming home and running into  the self that never left.

Oranges were picked from the full trees at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield. The waters were taken in Tecopa. Beer was consumed in Shoshone at the Crowbar. All is well.

I’ve been thrown out of places before but today was the first time I got thrown out of a canyon. Turns out that the beautiful canyon with the largest spring in Death Valley is off-w Travertine 2 Springslimits to the public. And to dogs. Especially off-leash dogs. In the middle of pleaing for mercy Byrdie bounded up and pooped right next to Mr. Park Ranger who was ‘splaining things to us. That did it. OUT. OF. THIS. CANYON. Travertine Springs flow at 350 gallons of ancient water per minute. Amazing. The head aquifer area over in Nevada covers 25 million acres.

Hello Zabriskie. Hello Sunset Camp. Hello Echo Canyon.

w Zabriskie my old friendDead water and dead sand

Contending for the upper hand.

The parched

eviscerate soil

Gapes at the vanity of toil,

Laughs without mirth.

This is the death of earth. (Thank you, TS)

w campground sunset




About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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