A Traveling We Will Go…..

Mr. T and I loaded up the Minnie with food, adult beverages, dogs, quarters and the required electronic gear: Kindle, 3 laptops, iPod, 2 radios,2 cell phones, 3 cameras, chargers for all the above–you know, the stuff you can’t live without. We’ve been on the road 4 weeks now and I’m writing from Lake Superior. I thought a picture update would bring my 12 faithful readers up to date.
Day 2
Blew a tire in Nevada and had to replace all 6 RV tires. We’d asked for this to be done before leaving California but had been reassured that the tires were all good to go.

w blown tire 2


w snowy trees on snowy hill

Wyoming–pipes began to freeze and break

w RV Jeep snow KOA

Wyoming–snow really hits and we spend a night on I-80. Truckers do not turn off their engines. It was a giant parking lot.

w RV truck jam

Still Wyoming

w snowy Byrdie face

Still Wyoming! Still Snowing!

w I-80 snowy hill

We got out! 2 days behind schedule and finally into Colorado. We have had to stop 3 times for repairs to the RV. My first snow experience was good the first 15 minutes. By the 4th day, I wanted my sunshine, patio tomatoes and umbrella drinks back in my life.

Cherry Creek Park in Denver

Detecting a weather pattern????

w bicyclist in snow Denver

w Jeep in snow 4 23

Three days spent at National Jewish Health being tested and re-tested. The place is amazing. Fire Congress and put them in charge of running the country!

Meanwhile, after 5 snowy days, we push onward towards Wisconsin. Who knew there were so many states between Colorado and Wisconsin?


w lone tree b&w filters

w old barn blue sky

More later–Nebraska nearly did me in. However, the Bailey Train Yard was incredible and gets an A+. Railroad buffs find a slice of heaven.

w UP North Platte trainyard

More to come……..At least it had stopped snowing.


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A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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One Response to A Traveling We Will Go…..

  1. Magthorn, aka Arden and Prudence says:

    I suspect you have far more than 12 readers! You have two in Poulsbo, WA and a 74 y.o. farmer in Kansas who read you regularly, even if we don’t comment. She has commented that she feels she knows you. She’s afraid of the internet, so likely won’t ever comment, but she’s out there pulling for you through your travels, and travails.

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