Are You Talkin’ To Me?

w Mama

My mother has always been a bit of a drama queen. Even as dementia gradually overtakes her, that trait is magnified as the rest of her personality diminishes.
I got a call from the board and care the other day.
Sidebar: excuse me dear Readers. I have neglected to mention my mother fell last August and broke her hip in 4 places. She was not able to return to her Assisted Living apartment and is now in a B&C with 4 other ladies.
2 women in hall

So….the manager needed to talk with me about my mom’s behavior. She had started crying several times a day and was shooting dagger looks at one of the other residents. I drove over and talked to her to find out what was wrong.
Well! Did she give me an earful. It turned out she had been trying to warn everyone in the house that she just KNEW that one of the women was “in deep with the Mafia” and had enlisted her daughter and friend to “toss people’s rooms and steal their valuables” while the infiltrator distracted everyone in the home. Dah Mama couldn’t understand why other people weren’t noticing this–it was that obvious!
DM was also refusing to sit next to the Infiltrator at mealtime and was requiring too much attention at busy times–times when she was in close contact with the mobster–mobsterette?
All the ladies in the B&C are 90 years old except for one who is 94. This whole scenario struck me as so funny I began laughing when the manager told me the difficulties DM was causing the staff.
Now, I ask you…..if you’ve lost your sense of humor and suddenly you get a call that your mother thinks the Mafia have infiltrated the B&C, wouldn’t you laugh? Wouldn’t you be grateful for the entertainment value alone? I was; the manager wasn’t.

So now DM who has not been on any medications other than eye drops is now being drugged with something. Sigh…..I suggested they pour her a bourbon and water which had worked well for her in the past. Judging by their reaction to my treatment suggestion, they are the ones with no sense of humor.
So, all I’m gonna say about dis is nuttin’. Let the staff find out the hard way when Vinnie and Sal show up at dah door needin’ to talk wit my mom.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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