Women and Children First

Sorry to have been so absent. Is anyone even still there? I had to take a brief hiatus while I tried my hand at being a rock band photographer. I now know that I have missed my calling. Why wasn’t that one of the options on all those vocational tests we had to take in school?

I have been in a major funk over politics and what I feel to be impending doom. It is simply impossible to find humor when one feels that the idiots in government ought to be in prison. It is, indeed, an upside down world.


I could have written about the thriving Boomsters here in SeniorLand. One couple was so considerate they left a baggie of top-grade Maui Wowie for my mom when she was in such pain from her sprained ankle. Neighborliness is always so appreciated.

Or I could have posted about the two Boomster men who came to fisticuffs over the music for the Beach Boys Tribute Dance—even involving the police. But that’s hardly amusing. Well, it was because yet another Boomster claimed she was groped in the ensuing melee and also called the police to file a sexual assault charge. Nothing has come of the Boomsters contributing to the rising crime rate here in SeniorLand but don’t bet against it. (I will resist writing about the older SeniorLand woman who demanded to play through on the golf course. Her reason? “I’m a very well-known person here in SeniorLand.” ‘Nuff said there.)

Actually, crime has been on the rise. There have been three home break-ins by ne’er-do-wells posing as GOLFERS!!! The houses they are hitting are on the golf course. (Of course our house is frequently hit by golfers but with golf balls.) So you see I have yet another thing to worry over.

Our firearms instruction continues. I faithfully practice the 1-2-3-4 drill with the toy Glock and have taken to tucking it in the back of my jeans when I answer the door.

This had my youngest grandson quite intrigued until he pointed out I’d written TOY on it in red nail polish. He said burglars don’t come through the front door and they could probably read “TOY” and not be scared at all. Then he tried to comfort me by saying(and I quote), “Don’t worry about burglars, Grandma. I worry that my ‘coq’ isn’t big enough for my body.” WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HAND ME MAH SALTS!!!!!

So back to worrying about the breakdown of society, etc. It is a nasty circle.


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A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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7 Responses to Women and Children First

  1. Han says:

    That toy doesn’t look like a Glock to me–more like a bizarre double stack 1911.

  2. mamatoc says:

    I use ‘Glock’ as a synonym for gun! It takes too long to write ‘Smith and Wesson’.

  3. Han says:

    But in light of the fact that your toy looks like a 1911, you could have used “Colt” and saved a whole letter!

    • mamatoc says:

      You raise a valid point. However, in my mind, colt means baby horse. But then, Glock means bell so I guess I should stick to “toy gun.” Also, I have to confess I don’t even know what a doubly stacked 1911 is. The date doesn’t ring a bell

  4. Han says:

    The Colt M1911 was invented by John Browning (in 1911) for use in the Spanish-American War. Previously, we were using.38 calibre service revolvers, but that couldn’t stop drugged-up Filipinos, and it was decided that we needed something with more stopping power. Thus, .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) was invented to go with the new Colt Automatic. The 1911 was the standard sidearm of the U.S. military from 1911 until 1985 (when we switched to the Beretta M9 9mm), and it (the 1911) remains one of the most, if not THE most popular handgun in America today.

    Double stack/single stack refers to the way the cartridges sit in the magazine. If I remember correctly, you previously fired a Glock. If you look at the way the cartridges sit in the Glock magazine, you will notice that they do no sit right on top of each other in a single vertical stack, but rather sit on top of each other slightly to the side. This is “double stack.” It allows more rounds to occupy limited vertical space (the height of the magazine) by making the magazine a bit fatter. The 1911 (traditionally) is single stack–the cartridges sit in a single column one directly above the other. The result is a slimmer weapon, although a typical 1911 magazine will hold only 7 rounds as compared to something like 12 rounds for a double stack pistol of equivalent size chambered in .45 ACP.

    The grip of your toy gun in the picture looks kind of fat to me, which is why I wrote that it looks like a bizarre double stack 1911 (which some manufacturers make).

    • mamatoc says:

      Yes, the gun I shot was a Glock but have to admit that I wasn’t looking at it very much. In fact, I had my eyes closed a lot of the time. I’m assuming new 1911s are being made and there are not hoardes of gun collectors searching out original models. I don’t think we can have 12 rounds in California–irrelevant to me since the most I’ve been able to get in is 4. If people can look at a gun and see so much–even if TOY is written on it in red nail polish–I am going to abandon my plan to write REAL on the Smith & Wesson.

  5. mamatoc says:

    Just found out that the CA assembly will vote on a bill, SB1315, to BAN even toy guns that look real in Los Angeles. Egads–this state should sink into the Pacific Ocean under the weight of ignorance.

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