Why is That Man Sprawled on the Floor?

More on the Stalker:  on the third attempt to outstalk the stalker, we had success. Mr. T and I continued to worry that the stalker might be a tad unbalanced and the big question was Could He Be Violent?? Since I am vetted for dealing with bullies, my plan was to wait to catch him in the act of stalking and then get in his face and call him on it. How he reacted would give me all I needed to know.

So, as we sat chatting away in Dah Mama’s living room, I saw the door slowly open. I signaled Mr. T who moved into position. Then I caught a glimpse of a man’s head as he peeped around the door. The door shut and Mr. T sprang into action. He saw an elderly sprinter making his way down the hall Toot Sweet. Of course he followed the intruder and caught up with him in the parking lot–that man could move!
When asked why he had come into Dah Mama’s apartment he denied that he had, he denied even knowing DM, he denied everything–he might as well have been a politician! Unfortunately, he didn’t stop with his denials. He then began to cuss out Mr. T using words that I can’t even allude to here. At this point Mr T directed the stalker back to Dah Mama’s place where he immediately ran into my mom’s bedroom and wouldn’t come out.

Okay–my turn. I told him in a very colorful way to get out, not come back and if he so much as laid a hand on DM it would not be a good day for him. To say my plan of pushing his buttons for a reaction worked would be an understatement! He took a swing at Mr. T!

Now, the stalker is probably 90 years old and Mr. T simply stepped back so the stalker was just swinging at air. My turn: GET blank blank OUT OF HERE!

Stalker takes another swing at Mr. T–is that sexist or what??? Again, he swings at air but with enough momentum to upset his balance and he ended up sprawled on the floor, narrowly missing the curio cabinet.

At this point–of course–the facility manager walks in and sees one of his residents sprawled on the floor and Mr T standing over him. (I was busy making sure no knick knacks were broken and that the Miss Mellie doll from Gone With The Wind still was in her pride-of-place position.)

Oh my–this did not look good. Fortunately, this stalker has a rap sheet as well as a long list of women. Incident reports were filed, explanations given, game plans drawn up and ruffled feathers smoothed. Unfortunately, at about this time Dah Mama decided this must be her boyfriend! Okay–we can deal with this. She did identify him as the man who was scrunched down in her closet between the wall and her cedar chest. She could not quite explain why he was now her boyfriend. Let’s not even go there!

The next morning I got a call from DM’s caregiver–she thought I should know that DM was having some wild nightmares about yelling, fisticuffs in her bedroom and breaking up with her boyfriend. I think the caregiver needed mah salts more than I do when I told her it wasn’t hallucinations–there really had been quite a set-to in her apartment.

Such is the exciting life between living in a retirement community and Assisted Living facility. Don’t think it’s all naps and dinner at 4:00 PM. All life is really just repeating Junior High over and over.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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