In the midst of ever-increasing BabyBoomster activities, a deteriorating golf game and only dim memories of cooking and housework, I was informed that I was getting a failing grade in ‘personal holiness.’ Say what?? I didn’t give the poodle to the local Chinese soup kitchen after he chewed up my diary from Junior High–I thought I had racked up major ‘personal holiness’ points for that. And doesn’t repairing other golfers’ divots count for something?

It seems that “Fat Chance!” and any verb in the imperative followed by the word “off” are NOT appropriate liturgical responses. To put a fine point on it, certain verbs(closely related to the words alluded to above) used as gerunds do not present a good witness to a Christian life. In addition, loving one’s neighbor is supposed to include Democrats and their weasely subset, aka Republicans, as well. Fat Chance–oops–I mean, no shtshinola–I mean Well, duh! That’s what I get for going to church.

Meanwhile the BabyBoomsters are partying on with no end in sight. I’m starting to remember why in the late 60ies I crawled up in a bell tower and tried to stay there. I immersed myself in Bach and Schutz and Mozart. I played bells; I played the organ; I was in a recorder group.  But now I’m busy trying to figure out how to download rock music I never listened to onto my iPod via my PC whilst using iTunes. It is imPossible. I think it is a personal message to me that Merle faithfully stays on the iPod but none of the rock and roll will download.

I didn’t know retirement could be so exhausting. I won’t even go into the details of a wine tasting party that involved 48 bottles of wine for 22 Boomsters. We swirled, we sniffed, we inhaled, we swallowed and we ate. On the home front, we are breaking so many wine glasses I’ve had to start buying them at the Good Will. Mr. T has an annoying habit of loading them in the top rack of the dishwasher and then power-sliding the rack into the machine. Isn’t it amazing how that will knock the stems right off any wine glass? The last ones I bought are made like jelly jars so I’m hopeful they will last a bit longer.

I passed up driving into the City for Beach Blanket Babylon and I skipped the Talent Show. I’m too busy photodocking the brutal take-down of SeniorLand’s most beautiful tree:  a huge white eucalyptus. More on that will follow. I was asked by a local press pointman if they could contact me for my film. Yikes! I had to refuse since I’m on probation with the SeniorLand Board of Directors. I’m not sure how long it will last but I’m pretty sure I can measure the probation in years.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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