Forget Long Walks on the Beach–A Sense of Humor is the Most Important Thing

6:15 PM. It was one of those not quite warm, here comes the fog June evenings in SeniorLand. Toc, or The Boomster as her friends called her, was grinding the end of her 5th cigarette since noon into the front step of her cul-de-sac home.
Brushing back her bangs that she was letting grow out, she tried to ignore the fact that she needed fresh color and highlights. Not now. Not on the third Thursday in June. Too many memories.
As usual, she never quite knew what to do on that third Thursday in June. Go? Stay? Email an excuse? Fat chance of that working–no one ever answered her emails. Not anymore.
“Why bother going?” she mused. “Goals? Board candidates? Agendas?”
She’d been bummed out on goals since ‘Nam and the disillusionment of Woodstock. Still, the meeting had been her idea–she ought to go. The Boomster thought about all the “ought to” things in her life–less Fox news, more PBS, give up the Country Western music altogether. It really hadn’t been the same since Johnny Cash and Buck Owens died. Try harder to like jazz.
And why had she taken up golf? “Oh bummer,” she muttered as she remembered golf was on the agenda tonight. “Why did I take up golf again?” Weren’t the memories of her military dad and country club mother enough to deal with without bringing the flashbacks to that long ago third Thursday in June on the 16th hole? That memory wouldn’t go away–not ever. They had given the best prizes to the NET winners and she’d had the best gross score. Welcome to the real world, BabyBoomer.
Pitching the precariously placed Ping putter off the porch into the planter, Toc pondered if she should take the half-drunk bottle of Pinot left over from last night. Instead she stuffed 2 cold long-necked Buds into her fanny pack and began to rummage for the gluten-free, organic crackers grown using recycled dirt and chemical-free water. “Guess I’ll head down to Methuselah’s for BoomBoomers”, she called out to Mr. T who was too engrossed in PBS’ “Nightly Business Report” to hear her. It was almost 7 PM. Time for BoomBoomers.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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