It’s Still About Golf

Please bear with me! I really do have a life off the golf course but it’s not as interesting. A retirement community isn’t exactly a hub of whirlwind activity although I keep meaning to write about the lady who simply fell out of her Cadillac while it kept going and ended up nose-first in a water hazard. But you see? It keeps coming back to golf!

I’ve been at it for just over 2 years with 9 months off for tendonitis and about 4 months total with various pneumonias. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how are the stimps running? The $200 Chinese knock-off clubs have done well. The cleats are worn out. The clothes keep getting uglier. Everyone is in black–I will not give up pink.

I think I passed a milepost last week. I started playing slightly better and also noticed I was cussing at missed strokes. Before, the game was all delight! Just hitting the ball was a wonder. There were no bad shots. If I hit any part of the ball and it moved in any direction, that was deemed a successful shot. But now, I have developed that terrible condition known as expectations. Sigh…..

I still take pictures. I still scribble notes for the blog. But golf is capable of driving every single thought out of your mind while you convince yourself it matters more than anything else at the moment. And this is the great attraction!

I forgot to get a scorecard today so I was forced into keeping score with my clubs. If I got a 5, I took a picture of my 5 iron. Sometimes I had a score with no corresponding club so I had to improvise. Why was it even important to keep score?

I was set up to be the butt (hozzle) of more golf humor. A guy in my group convinced me his putter was really a “Texas Wedge.” Sure looked like a putter to me but I fell for it completely. It wasn’t until I got home and tried to buy a Texas Wedge on Ebay that I found out about Ben Hogan and his coining that term. I’ll never learn.

Meanwhile, if I come home with at least one more golf ball than I started with, it’s been a successful game. Next time I will try to write about the Baby Boomers who are organizing here in SeniorLand.


About mamatoc

A Baby Boomer learning to live in a retirement community in California.
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One Response to It’s Still About Golf

  1. Louie Vega says:

    Reading about you cutting back on the cursing while golfing reminded me of an old cartoon I saw pinned to the wall in a public golf course many years ago. It had a guy telling his friends about his recent trip to the United States where they played this game played with clubs and a little while ball called “Aw Shit”. He went on to explain that after every shot you were supposed to say…, you guessed it, “Aw Shit!” Keep up the good work. By the way, it seems you may have stirred up a hornets nest of Boomers there in Seniorland.

    Your fellow boomer,

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